Mission & Objectives
Investment Activities
Board of Directors

Besides promoting and catalysing bilateral trade and investment between Malaysia and South-South Countries, MASSCORP also acts as a vehicle for trade promotions, exports, investments and management expertise & technology transfer to the host country. MASSCORP's specific objectives are:

i) To initiate and promote joint-ventures between Malaysian entrepreneurs and South-South investors, where either party may set up investment projects in Malaysia or South countries.
ii) To undertake the privatisation of enterprises in South-South Countries, especially in sectors where Malaysia has technical and managerial expertise.
iii) To open up new markets for Malaysian goods and services to South-South Countries.
iv)   To act as a reference point for business contacts, and provide market information on business opportunities.
v) To build a stronger South, with the injection of Malaysian capital and expertise, resulting in numerous benefits and spin-off possibilities.